Our unique bioenergetic hCG formula is manufactured to our exacting homeopathic specifications under Good Manufacturing Practices.

Our comprehensive manual is a guidance for success. There has been extensive research and development of the product which reflects our collective and considerable industry experience and knowledge.


  • Is for people looking for an easy to follow, holistic, sustainable weight loss program.
  • Teaches people a deeper awareness and understanding of their bodies, leading to greater health and more energy.
  • Offers step-by-step support through manuals, online, email and phone.
  • Is a program that you can follow on your own or access as much professional support as you require to achieve your goal.
  • Helps you feel more in control of your weight so you can look and feel great in your clothes!


The formula and hCG dietary program is a safe and superior system to help you lose weight and transform your life. Our unique, quality formulation provides exceptional results in fat metabolism and weight loss based on the original Dr Simeon’s hCG dietary program. We offer a fantastic support and weight management strategies. Our experienced, qualified naturopathic services ensure optimal outcomes.


Would you like to have a highly qualified naturopath on call to be able to confidently give the support you require to achieve your weight loss goals? You can aacess as little or as much support as you need though email, Skype, the Facebook group or one-on-one professional naturopathic support.

When you purchase any of our kits, you will receive the manual which will guide you through the entire Dr Simeons’ hCG dietary process. You can then register online to access a copy of the recipe ebook, FAQ’s and troubleshooting which explain and provide solutions to any query you may encounter. The Liberate Yourself website ( also contains a wealth of information to help you on your journey, including additional recipes and support supplements.


Anyone who is 18 years and older, female or male can do this program. There have been thousands of people do the program with incredible success and it clearly stands out as Australia’s leading fat loss system.



HCG Diet is a lifestyle change to assist your body to comfortably transform to a healthy weight. With chronic diseases such as weight problems and obesity there is no such thing as as a magic potion or pill that will simply remedy the problem if we do not in addition to this change the way we live. Western society has been misinformed for a long time in regards the types of food they should be eating. In obesity the hormonal arrangement is out of balance due to the rapid changes in lifestyle conditions in the past hundred years in food and toxin exposure, now experienced by all in western civilisation, and perhaps the global it has manifested many health challenges.

This is a carefully constructed steps that anyone can follow. The prominent feature of this system is a limited, simply constructed diet that is challenging but because of the duration of the phases it is definitely achievable. Our bioenergetic formulation of dietary drops mimics the hcg hormone that naturally occurs in pregnancy which opens up the fat cells to be utilized by the fetus. In our system the fat cells also open but the body uses the fat for a source of energy.

Low calorie diets alone generally starve the body forcing it to use its reserves, and the easiest source of energy is fluid and muscle mass. But with a combination of dietary drops which target and transform the hypothalamus which controls our hormones. It assists appetite management and rapid fat metabolism. preserving muscle and balancing hormone levels.

Summary of the Four Phases:

Full detail of phases will be provided when starting the program

Phase 1 – Get organised: Prepare the body (pre-detox) in addition to reading, planning, obtain and schedule things

Phase 2 – Drops Phase:

Loading – 2 days are needed to build up normal fat stores by eating a diet high in calories and fat. Eat every few hours. Take the dietary drops as directed

Low Calorie – 21 (up to 40 days) Two meals of 100grams of protein, plus vegetables, fruit and a small amount of starch. Take the drops as directed. At the end of 21 days, stop the drops but continue on the 500 calorie diet for additional 48 hours to ensure the stimulating influence of the drops is completely.