Remedial Massage 30 minutes $62 (for medibank members $54)


Remedial Massage 60 minutes $90 (for medibank members $77)

What is remedial? Simply put to cure or improve a condition.

Remedial massage is a very deep and vigorous massage. It is based on an understanding of the body’s pathways and trigger points

Different points are stimulated via strong finger pressure depending on the particular problem. Firm rubbing is involved, aiming to restore blood circulation and limb movement.

Our Remedial massage therapist are trained in a variety of techniques to help with your pain


Stress, stiff neck and shoulders, constant back pain, stress related tension, poor posture and body aches, injury management, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, whiplash, headaches, sport injuries and “computer related tension”.

Benefits to You:

No pain! Rejuvenation of muscles, tension-free you!

Overcome your back pain today by letting us apply remedial techniques so you can return to your normal life faster.