A traditional holistic system of India. It has been acknowledged as the world’s oldest system of health care and the most ancient and holistic. It aims for well being (constitutional) analysis, pulse diagnosis, tongue and other techniques to determine appropriate treatment. Advice on suitable diet, exercise for your constitutional type and daily routine are prescribed. Also, Ayurvedic herbal and mineral remedies and other treatments (e.g. Shirodhara, Snehana & Svedana) may be recommended to maximise the healing process and improve general well being. Ayurvedic consultation consists of Mind-Body Type Test, Indian Head Massage, Indian Foot Massage and Ayurvedic herbs. Health fund rebates and HICAPS are available for this treatment. Payments may be made by Cash, all major Credit Cards, EFTPOS and AMEX.

Ayurvedic - Subsequent Consultations

60 min


Ayurvedic - Initial Consultations

60 min


Ayurvedic Rejuvenation (Oil pouring bliss). This treatment is an absolutely blissful experience restoring calmness and balance to the mind. Especially suited to emotional and mental disorders, extreme hyperactivity of mind, stress related conditions, depression, headaches and insomnia. The whole treatment is very relaxing and includes an Indian head, shoulder and face massage. Try this treatment at least once! Guaranteed to have a de-stressing effect on you! Please bring a scarf and an old towel.

Shirodhara Ananda

90 min

From $160.00

Ultimate in Ayurvedic rejuvenation program creating a balance between mind and body at deep levels. This Ayurvedic Indian Signature Spa Ritual includes (1) Shirodhara Ananda Oil Pouring Bliss (2) Om Veda Signature Facial. Valued at $339; save $119.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Package

120 min

From $220.00

A blissful package giving you a sense of tranquility and relaxation; the path of optimum balance between the mind and body. This treatment helps awaken the body energy. This Ayurvedic Indian Signature Spa Ritual includes (1) Shirodhara Ananda Oil Pouring Bliss (2) Indian Head Massage (3) Om Veda Signature Facial (4) Eye Enhancer Treatment. Valued at $343; save $58.

Monsoon Bliss

120 min

From $285.00

Health Funds

 All Major Health Funds Available 

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