HCG Diet is a lifestyle change to assist your body to comfortably transform to a healthy weight. With chronic diseases such as weight problems and obesity there is no such thing as as a magic potion or pill that will simply remedy the problem. Our bioenergetic formulation of dietary drops mimics the hcg hormone that naturally occurs in pregnancy which opens up the fat cells to be utilized by the fetus. In our system the fat cells also open but the body uses the fat for a source of energy. Low calorie diets alone generally starve the body forcing it to use its reserves, and the easiest source of energy is fluid and muscle mass. But in HCG program with a combination of dietary drops which target and transform the hypothalamus which controls our hormones, it assists appetite management and rapid fat metabolism, preserving muscle and balancing hormone levels. Anyone who is 18 years and older, female or male can do this program. There have been thousands of people do the program with incredible success and it clearly stands out as Australia’s leading fat loss system. The program includes HCG drops, recipes, detox protocol, mentoring, consultation with the Naturopath. HCG booklet and info, Facebook for HCG, diet and measurement portfolio.

HCG Diet Program

60 min


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